I dreamt about you last night. And fell out of bed once.

I am a very bad son. I missed my Mam's birthday on Friday, and Old Man's Day on Sunday. I am a bit sad because I suck. I am definitely not organised enough yet. Living in bedlam is unhelpful, but no excuse for SUCKING.

Hey, special lala, since ATD9 is out on Friday, that means ATD10 will be with you in July. So to celebrate, we shall be having a PARTY, with Mr Eddy Temple Morris at Cargo in London. It shall be on Friday the 15th, and I shall be assembling as many of the folks who've made the tapes so dope to do tracks off of them LIVE, innit.

So that will be exciting.

I am indoors missing the sunshine, but prolly most of you are too. We paddled on Sunday you know. I found a see through rock. It isn't glass at all, bollocks.