I Am (Still) Not Dead. Yeah!

So, I was cycling along Bethnal Green Road earlier to see my publishers about what in the name of the sweet Baby Jesus is going on in that department of the universe, when the flipping back wheel decided to flipping well flip off of my bike, leaving me with one wheel, which is one less wheel than one needs to survive in the middle of a busy road on most days. Luckily I managed to style it out and sort of glide sideways through the air and land on my feet, like a human cat, causing damage to neither myself nor my brand new unicycle. Xenu must still have plans for me. Shit, I have plans for me. Top Of The Pops is gonna come back and I'm gonna be on it. I am gonna play the Hollywood Bowl and everyone's gonna know the words. I'm gonna see Prometheus and it's gonna be even better than I imagined.

That last one will probably come first (but you never know). I can't remember ever being particularly glad I was born on this particular island before, but with Prometheus comes out in the UK a full week before it hist US cinemas. May 30th baby. The best late birthday present a boy could ask for. I am going to watch it ALL DAY. First showing at Stratford in 3D, then another in 2D, then down to Waterloo for the Imax, and so on. CINEMA! PARTY! EXCELLENT!




That picture up top, incidentally, is me and my copy of Rob Liefeld's X-F0rce number one, a comic I bought when it came out in 1992 and was told would be worth a fortune one day, purchased for an incredible £1.99 from some idiots at Mega City Comics in Camden the other day. AHAHAHA! I sure did a number on those fools! I will now sell it on Ebay for a million pounds. Oh hang on I won't, because they printed 5 million of them. I don't think 5 million American comics are printed in a year these days. Crazy.

Alongside that funny little slab of nostalgia I picked up the Milk & Cheese hardcover, a truly beautiful and sweet smelling thing indeed, and the most recent Hate annual. here's a picture from said Great Artwork. Oh, sweet lulz.