I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)

Big up all for last night, we played Cargo and we were great yes we were Mary Turner and Jeremy Allen and John Karborn and Me. Three new songs, two unrehearsed, smacked it. I like new songs. I have fucking tons. You watch. I have a bad ass cold and a hangover today. I cycled from Shoreditch to Kentish town in the pissing rain. Wow that was some fucking experience. Boy oh boy. I was wet through. I've dried now. I am in a nice studio called Music Box. Part of the Moloko Empire. Mixing this song called I Am Not Dead (Yeah). I'm working with a safe Northern man called Joe. We have been discussing Bohemian Grove and Wiley. That's what yiu do in studios, with engineers. In my experience anyway. Word to Matt Foster! Holla atcha boy!

So, Metal Hammer want me to do some writing for them. i like the idea of this. It will force me to listen to more metal records. Metal was my first love you know. I had a leather jacket with tassles on it for my tenth birthday. Or was it twelth? Anyway, my mam'll know. That was a serious birthday present. My brothers were pissed off. The bank got broke on that thing. I wish it still fit me. I put studs in it and everything. Anyone remember HM Gear? I saved my paper round money for months to get a studded leather wristband and a choker with a skull on it. Word to Alice Cooper. POISON!