I Am Never Drinking Again Part 326

Photo by Brother Sladey K, more here

So, a top night was had by all at Envy's LP launch do last night. I was, as predicted, an excellent and deeply rousing host, but contrary to my proclamations earlier this week, I was not a sober one. Indeed today it seems as if an angry, violent midget has taken up residence in my skull, and am beginning to think it was a bad idea to schedule the Why Lout? Superhero Music session for today.

What fun though! What excellent, virtuoso performances from Pariz1 and Tor Ceasy! What excellent DJing from Suicide Dogz, Medasyn, Scratcha and Moxie! What a great audience! And not one, but TWO sets from Envy! With a guest appearances from a skanking Morty and from me! WOW. Amazing. We danced and cheered and CELEBRATED our friend, whose dreams become reality this coming Monday when her album, Set Yourself On Fire, is released into the world.

In addition to all this wonderment, there was some excitement towards the end of Envy's second set when security attempted to remove me from the building for strange and shady purposes still unclear to me. I was right at the front, and this must have been very confusing for poor Envy. "Come outside now," barked the angry big man, grabbing my arm roughly. "Bog off." I replied, outraged, "I am watching my friend!" Security intensified their efforts, and I intensified my outraged refusal to be shouted at and manhandled by fools, and it could have gotten bad for your trusty Donovan had not the imposing figures of Tego Siegel and Ben Official - who you might have seen towering over, well, everybody at Marvin The Martian shows - along with Marvin himself, my hot girlfriend, and a number of concerned citizens inserted themselves between my innocent self and Cargo's world famous so-called "security". Word to Pro Green. Eventually the swine saw sense and retreated to their pig hole or wherever it is they lurk when they're not harassing innocent compères.

Yes, ATD Security is REAL, brothers and sisters, never doubt that for a second!

So, yes, thank you all. As for So-called Security's reasons for trying to get rid of me, I suspect them to be something to do with the night's soundman, who abandoned his booth during the headline act's set, leaving it to your valiant correspondent to attempt to get her vocals up to an audible level. The soundman was very angry when he found me, but was strangely unconcerned with doing his JOB, and making the artist sound good, instead choosing to foam at the mouth about how I'd better get Envy offstage by 1am. This is why so many shows have such crappy sound, even when they have good PA systems. It is a great tragedy that so many of our soundmen (and it's always men) hate their jobs so much.

Rah though, awesome night regardless, but by the bleatings of Infant Baby jesus, I am suffering for it today.


Also, I have but one episode of Carnivale left to watch. This is probably for the best, given all the stuff I need to do, but it makes me a little sad, still.

Anyway, never mind all that. I must ofski now, and make things. Video and art for preorderers! Artwork for mixtape! Artwork for album! Songs for mixtape! A comic! And so on! And so forth! Truly, it is a wonderful, wonderful life!