"If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her."(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NAB) You hear that, fool? Pay the father! And no divorce! NEVER! No divorce! None! That is your punishment, raper!

Hahaha. God cracks me up.

So, I have been travelling again - I went nowhere near a computer, however, so no updates.

What was it, when did last we speak? Right. Yes. I went to London, and Wade and I DJed at this totally lush place under London. It was VERY FUN. So we are going to do it every week, now. With our amazing new DJ pal Belle who also does the amazing JAZZY SING ish. Yes yes.

I was all white, and on red wine again, but I DIDN'T RUIN MY NEW ODB SHIRT! And wifebeater.

After that, Wade and I went to wee Teddy's party, and fled at 5 or 6, as we had to be up early, and it was descending into American Pie territory.

We slept on Cazals' kitchen floor, with a coat and some curtain netting as blankets. YES YES!

And lo, I did rush to Old Street to meet nice Claire from the Western Mail and do a photoshoot and an interview. It was for a HOT SHIT IN 2005 type of a feature. I was to be the HOT SHIT music making thing, and this Andy Jones dude, although he might be professionally known as Andrew J Jones, was to be the HOT SHIT artist dude, which is impressive, as he is actually SHIT HOT. As you can see from the lovely picture comic thing to the top right. Along with Nicholas Gurewitch

dude's doing the hottest shit with words and pictures today.

He also has an excellent beard. And is Welsh. His flatmate grew up in Dyffryn Nantlle too, which makes him one of, like, three of us.

So that was all good. Wade and I went to East Finchley to see house people after that. OH GOD! I forgot how beautiful East Finchley is. It is perfect! You can breathe the air! There is no crime! Local Cafe tastes like shit! But it's called Local Cafe! And for what you'd spend on a crappy one bed loft in Gayditch you get A HUGE HOUSE! With three bedrooms and a STUDY and a garden and a FENCE!

After that I did another interview that I should probably have said "I don't know" more in, and got a train to Bath, where Birddogg took me to a nice hip-hop night. Bath at night is some scary shit. People wandering around in Elvis costumes and shit.

Yesterday we played in Derby, supporting Mick Jones' band, Carbon Silicon. It was my first support gig! And first gig in such a place. Such a place being a glorious and traditional small local venue type thing, in the back room of a pub. With a soundman who looked like he'd been there since 1963, and hadn't cut his hair once.

As it was, he turned out to be the best soundman I have ever had. He said very little, we ran through one song once, and he made it sound awesome. Which I always said shouldn't be difficult. It is CD, one vocal decks. Not goddamn rocket science izzit?


It is not. So we were DAMN GOOD, actually. The Carbon Silicon fans were , in the main, as I expected - a Clash worshipping cross section of original punks and inquisitive teenagers. And after gaping in animated bewilderment for a few songs, they got all noisy, la, and we left to cries for an encore, which was awesome, and then we got off stage and Carbon silicon were all like, that was amazing! Which is true. So we smoked weed and then we watched them and they took the roof off, then we smoked more weed and exchanged emails and drove home. Well, Birddogg drove. I slept the three hours. Zzzzz.

And today I took till 6 or so to get back to Bishopstoke. And some nutter killed Dimebag Darrel from Pantera! Cos he was all pissed off about Pantera splitting up! FOR REAL!

From the interweb:

"all i can say is holy crap!! that was such a freakin' nightmare... i don't ever want to be a part of anything like that again... i'm still shaking.... i don't even know what to say...

i was up close to the stage on the side where DBD was playing.... then i saw the guy jump out of the crwod onto the stage... he was yelling something about how "you broke up pantera.... you ruined my life.... what about phil??? he needs heroin money..." or something like that then i saw the gun and he shot DBD right in the head... when DBD went down he kept shooting... then he turned around for bobzilla then vinnie... teh hole time i thought it was part of the show... i had blood on me i was so close... i'm still freakin' out here...

after he turned around and kept shooting i was gone... i swear i almost crapped my pants... it was ####' crazy as ####... people were totally messed up outside... i was standing next to this one chick and she was crying and couldn't stop... she fell on the ground and it was like she was possesed or something... dude it was so kayotic its not even funny... the cops showed up and then people started sayin' that DBD was killed... then people started freaking out even more...

i can't belive this happend... its so crazy... its totally unreal and there's no way to describe how messed up i am right now...

i had tickets to the show in flint michigan too... i don't know whats going to happen... theres some blood on my ticket stub so i'm going to sell it on ebay or keep it or something... i know DBD is in heaven (or ripping some mad riffs in hell) #### what a wild #### nigth... dude i won't even be able to sleep tonight"

"There's some blood on my ticket stub so I'm going to sell it on ebay or keep it or something."

Wow. What a tribute.

RIP Dimebag.