I Am Away 'Till Wednesday!

That's right brothers and sisters! I am taking my girl away for a special surprising birthday adventure. It is midnight right now, and my beautiful angel is currently hiccuping her sweet ass home in a cab from her "afternoon" (ha!) cake and cocktails with the girls, with little clue that she will be hiccuping her sweet ass to ***** on an aeroplane in a few hours time. That'll be fun. They better let her on. What's good for sobering girls up? I've got two litres of water, some Nurofen and a bag of Haribo.


I would hate for this lovely place to become a barren wasteland in my absence. So while I am gone, I think it would be really marvellous if you could keep each other entertained. Please post links, videos, stories, songs, podcasts, pictures, whatever you like in the comments of this post. When I get back I will choose a couple to send T-Shirts to. OK?

Go team!!!

PS: Zef will be keeping you updated with useless links and videos over at the: