Hubba. Hubba. Pt. 2.

Rah! What a glorious thing. Etc. I have been up since real time, and it has been all good so far, thank you very much I am well. South London is well. North East London is well. The bambis in my park are well. The goat in my park is overweight and has arhtritis. Which is sad. Poor goat!

The constant state of barmy flux that is my life took another twist yesterday, on a number of fronts. Today we twist further. Everything is moving always.

What was it they kept saying in Magnolia?

"We may be done with the past, but the past is not done with us."


Speaking of which, Alex Jones continues to attract nineoneone whistle blowists. The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program was on his show yesterday saying Dick Cheney did it. But what would he know? He worked for Ford and Carter. Ha!

Nine year old spawns of major label bosses are reading this funny white and red website, I have just been informed. Righteous. If I had a nine year old spawn and found him reading this, I'd give him a nice green Granny Smith. Rah! Do your homework! The world is yours!