Howard Jones Does Not Suit The Cello

The sun came back to London for one last weekend, and we were glad. Myself and some friends took it upon ourselves to play badminton in Clissold park, and I got bitten by a lot of hungry bugs. It makes me sad to be indoors sorting out my life when the sun shines, so rare a thing it is around these parts. Anyway. We saw Prince on Friday. That was very inspiring indeed. He said it himself, and he wasn't lying - Prince has too many hits. What a brilliant performer! What a master of melody! From Alphabet Street to Diamonds And Pearls, all awesome. He didn't even play any new material. What a G.

I have a budget of £2.50 a day this week, which will be fun. Stupid VAT bills. Good job I quit smoking eh? Ryvita is pretty cheap.

So, Charlotte and I have two episodes of Dexter left to watch, which is both sad and exciting, as it just got brilliant, and I, for one, don't want it to end. But I do want to see what happens. Stupid creepy doll guy. Not having a TV in the house and only watching things that cool people like Colin McCracken have given you on DVDrs or you've downloaded of the internet is totally awesome.