How To Play Sliced Audio With Maschine Mikro In Logic Geekout alert starting in 5, 4, 3, 2...


So, recently, whilst making Unkillable Thunderchrist, I came across a problem, which took me four hours or something to figure out, so I thought I should make a little video showing how to do it, thus sharing my knowledge and making the world a better place.

What I wanted to do was play sliced audio with my Maschine Mikro's pads straight into Logic. Which is harder than one might imagine. The super short version is that you need to slice up your audio, then hit APPLY... but don't just click it, you need to drag apply to a new track in Maschine. You will then be able to trigger your sliced audio via the Maschine in Logic which is very ace and joyous.

The video I mention that shows you how to set up Maschine in Logic is by Altruwest, and comes highly reccomended.



My next video will be something that you can all get behind, or at least understand. My last one, which concerned the reaction to Prometheus and that Space Jesus theory, got mildly notorious and did 8000 views in a few days, becoming a hotbed of heated and intelligent debate, like:

You are a British hipster with bleached hair in a pink dressing gown, your argument is invalid.



Currently it has 49 likes and 49 dislikes, which is delightfully symmetrical and divisive.

People keep telling me that as people are talking so much about Prometheus, and going to see it, it must be good. This afternoon a sequel to that post about terrible Rob Liefeld drawings was published: 40 MORE Of The Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. It dawned on me, half way through reading it, entirely fascinated by the Awful, that in that sense Prometheus is sort of the movie equivalent of Rob Liefeld. People will likely be debating its awfulness for generations, its flaws obvious and laughable to its detractors, while an eternal legion of apologists defend it as being being "pretty" and "tense", and theologically over the heads of the haters, just like Liefeld's Jesus comic, Godyssey.

In other news I just dined on my last WHEAT for the foreseeable future. Long time friends of the site might recall back in 2007 or so I steered off of the demon grain's path for a fine summer, in which time I developed near superhuman cognitive powers and lost my tummy and woke up dead early and saw great strobing beams of light emanating from pavements, and that sort of thing. Then somehow I fell back into bready old habbits, and I am now too big for my best suit, so it's back on the path of righteousness I go.