How To Eat An Orange If You're Not A Robot

I must say, it is very difficult writing one's first proper Main-Blog post since Friday when one is sworn to secrecy about the events that occurred between now and last Friday that are amazing and exciting and life changing to say the bloody least. But here we are, Wednesday, February 16th 2011. A big ball of sun (the big ball of sun) is doing battle with a great big grey duvet of cloud that hovers above Hackney Wick like a vast, ominous spacecraft, and I have just realised I need to EAT, as I am shouting at the PC and talking gibberish to my stuffed tiger. Unfortunately, there is little in the house other than a sliver of sticky toffee pudding. Perhaps I should make like Envy in the clip above and skin some oranges.

RO-BOOOOOOOT! What a great song. 20,000 streams in 10 days, including 6000 on Youtube. I have celebrated by upping the awesome clip above, and dropping the lyrics. You're welcome. And the fortnightly ATD25 leakage continues this Friday with another amazing song, featuring a very special guest (and producer). CAN YOU GUESS WHO IT IS?!