Honeymoon Gif #2

I am taking advantage of this sudden burst of internet at the reception desk of the Hotel Kalimera, where we're staying. We're investigating renting a car to go and explore the top of the island. That beautiful gif up there was taken two days ago in Fira, the capital, where all the visiting cruise ships and The Tourists swarm like hungry bees.


We are staying in Akrotiri, miles away from The Tourists, and it is pretty much the most beautiful place I have ever seen. And the hotel is run by saints - Flora, currently manning reception, just gave me some eyedrops after one of my contact lenses nearly fell out. Her brother is hooking me up with his digital record collection. I am very excited by Greek music, some of it is incredibly dramatic.

Being on Honeymoon is entirely wonderful. I haven't been this relaxed since I was in the womb. I am by this point the colour of a rusty old jeep. We spend our days exploring the island, splashing around in the surf like porpoises and lazing around on the sand reading. To my amazement, I have just run out of books, having made my way through Grant Morrison's entire Batman And Robin run, a collection of Bukowski short stories, and The Rum Diary.

Anyway, I should go now, I just relaised I am Not Relaxing, I am typing. Typing in paradise! Foolishness!