Goddamn, what a messed up week this has been. I am afarid I can't say much about it right now, for various reasons, but suffice to say it's been pretty harsh all round. Still, the end result of this is I have two weeks to work on the 'Living In The Future' video with Zef, rejig the website, and write raps, before we start on the album proper.

So, some things.

More peple are now buying MP3s than singles.

Snoop's coming to the UK.

That fat white kids been rapping again.

This much I gathered today. Not much, huh? I haven't a clue this week, although Wednesday's events gave me the oppurtunity to read The Independent and Kerrang! from cover to cover. I am very excited about the new Slayer, Nightwish and Nine Inch Nails albums, and have read many accounts of the difficulties of getting aid to Sri Lanka. I am also afraid of Michael Howard, who's enlisted the Nazi tactics of Lynton Crosby, who's anti-immigrant scare tactics won the election for Australian PM John Howard. WHOO!