Holes, Where We Used To Have Eyes

With regard to that rude note my landlord left me, Tego writes:

"You expect your neighbours to approach you? They see Narstie, Bashy, JTWR, Why Lout? and Taz passing in and out all day. You're a rapper "So Solid... Dizzee stabbed in Napa" RAPPER! Face it Akira. You're pretty unaproachable when you think about it!

Your landlord must also be scared. He probably checks your site to see when you're out of town and leaves you notes."

Which is a good point. I had never thought about it like that. A long time ago, I had a big row with a fellow journalist about So Solid's treatment by the media, and accompanying establishment. She argued they'd bought about all their ill fortune, by "glorifying guns"... I thought everybody was just being fucking racist, as per. Lock Stock is "bloody brilliant" and So Solid are "scum"? BOOM! What it is, bubba, is them upper-middle class white dudes and dudesses that run shit round here were, and are, shit scared of black folks. Especially black folks with, like, voices, reflecting the ugly nature of their environments, who aren't scripted by Carlton or whatever.

See, in the States, they've realised they can make fuckwads of cash off of insecure, aspirational white kids whilst simultaneously feeding a genocidal lie that, as a wise man noted, turned the Black Panthers into the Bloods and the Crips. That, and reinforcing some hunnerds of years old stereotypes that helped make most of the white world accept slavery, amongst other freakish evils.

Don't worry though, we'll catch up soon. We're always five years or so behind the Yanks when it comes to that sort of dumb shit.

Speaking of which, it seems that Bravenet poll counting thing snuck an advert onto my website! SWINE! I mess with Mozilla, so I had no idea you poor IE mofos were getting gipped. I'm a kill that NOW> Anyone know of a non-adverty poll system I can mess with?

So, my pure-as-the-driven-snow Christian singist Maryanne Turner has a fan! Who does the walloping for money and likes cocaine and buttsex. Mary has "dark deep vocal", say lady. How dope is that? I got a message off a kid from Ohio earlier who lists his favourite acts as "Creed, 12 Stones, POD, Akira The Don, The Beatles". Serious! We are the UNIFIERS, bubba, that's what we are.

In other news, my old man bought a house, and claims that it's Russian Birch Pollen that's been laying waste to the country, And my girl Sophy over in Brooklyn has made a website to stick her drawings of boobs on. Wicked!

Of course, if the swine have their way, soon you won't be able to read me moidering about rapism, or look at Soph's boobs.

Save the internet, yo. Don't even think we're joking.