So, as noted, the Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine gig we caught on Friday was easily one of the greatest live events I have witnessed. Boy oh boy, what a show! What an atmosphere! What awesome tunes! Super Furries weren't bad on Saturday neither. No sir.

So then - today's revelations: It was ho-ass British Ho-lice that caused the fight that got Snoop Dogg barred from this country. Watch this video, and see for yourself. See Snoop playing with kids, having a nice time in the departure lounge! Then see Ho-lice trying to fuck with him! See Snoop leave the Ho-lice the hell alone and try to board his plane! Then see Ho-lice PUSH him for NO REASON!

Well, that's how it appears to me. And KNOWING British ho-lice as I do, I am so not surprised.

In other news, Anita Thompson says Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner's new book about Hunter is a vile hatchet job, an ugly collage of nasty quotes and an affront to decency. So there.