Ho Ho Eve

Merry happy, combustibles. Here are some festive UK facts, courtesy of The Independent! Whoo! How Much We Britains Will Spend This Christmas:

£4.2bn: The amount Britons spent on cosmetics this Christmas £4.14bn: Britain's aid budget for the developing world in 2004 £813: Average spending per adult on celebrating Christmas (£55 less than last year) £50: The per capita annual income in Ethiopia £20m: Amount made by Mark Tilden, British robot expert who invented Robosapien, this year's hit toy £20m: Amount nations of sub-Saharan Africa are paying in debt to developed world every 16 hours

How Much We Britons shall be EATING!

7,000: Average calories consumed by Britons on Christmas Day 780: Minutes running needed to burn off 7,000 calories 7: Number of days a child refugee in Darfur could survive on 7,000 calories £12: Average cost per head in UK of Christmas lunch £12: Cost of a month's supply of grain for a family in drought-hit Malawi 30,525: Number of miles your Christmas dinner will have travelled to reach your table - vegetables alone are likely to have come 15,800 miles 4: Miles walked daily by families in developing world in search of water

But What Of The HEALTH?

5m: Britons will suffer a stomach upset over festive season 2.1m: People in developing world killed this year by diarrhoeal disease

And that pesky ENVIRONMENT...

83 sq km: Amount of wrapping paper used (enough to cover 33 Hyde Parks) 3,000,000: Tons of extra rubbish generated - enough to fill 120m wheelie bins