What would I do without you lot? "for the record," writes a person calling themselves "Booty", via MySpace, who has one friend - which is Tom, freakish grinning friend of all - and no picture, leading me to think he joined just so he could inform my dumb Limey ass: "any form of protest at the presidents address is not allowed, those are simply the rules! sheehan was asked before hand not to protest and she did! she broke the rules, end of story."

Which is interesting to hear. I don't like those rules, myself, but hey...

"...she was not the only one removed that night," continues the letter. "a pro war republican was also asked to leave for wearing a pro war t-shirt!!! explain that one?"

To show no-bias, I would assume. And I wouldn't call a T-Shirt reading "Support the Troops" a "pro-war" shirt. I would call it, if anything, a pro-troops shirt. Or a pro-persons in danger shirt. Maybe just pro-people. Whatever.

"Both women's shirts resulted in their owners being ejected from the House chamber before President Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday night so basically you have carefully edited the true events, true marxist style, and concocted your own version."

Oh, were that true! I just hasn't heard about the "pro-war" shirt. It should also be noted that Cindy, whose shirt read "2,245 Dead. How many more?" was forcibly removed, then arrested. Beverly Young, wife of Republican Rep. Bill Young of Florida, was asked nicely to go outside, and not arrested at all. Whatever, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer this afternoon said that neither woman should have been removed from the chamber and that, "we made a mistake... just wearing a T-shirt is not unlawful."

Well, good. Were it, we would be living in Bizzaro world, and I would be called Eustace, or something, surely?

Booty continues:

"so what it be alright if say one night you were djng and i climbed onto your set and blocked the sound system, stopped you from working? that would be ok wouldn't it? or would you have the burly bouncers remove me so you could continue? if that's ok, i'll come to your next show and protest and sit on your booth waving banners, interrupt you, block off the music, you are for freedom of speech yeah?"

Well, Booty, were you to turn up at any of my public engagements, as twere, waving a banner, yes, that would be fine. I am sure it wouldn't stop me from working. But we are discussing T-Shirts here, aren't we? You can wear a T-Shirt saying "Akira The Don Fucks Little Kids" for all I care. "Akira The Don Loves The Killers". Whatever. That's fine. But, serious, someone wearing a T-Shirt, or even waving a massive banner, is not going to stop Resident Douche from "working". Even not being voted in didn't do that. Impeachment wouldn't. We are dealing with a particularly nasty Hydra here, let us never forget.

But, Booty, do continue!

"as for katrina??? ethnic cleansing? what planet are you on mate, you've been smoking too much weed. for your information all those poor blacks that were taken out of new orleans are not living in "concentration" camps but put up in 4-5 star hotels, cheap motels, brand new trailer parks across the USA! they are also given government cheques to support them, they have been provided with free food and clothing etc. your article was racist and uninformed."

Well, yes, a fair few folks have been doing OK. A friend of mine followed a number of families, who have moved in with others in places as far afield as Georgia, and even New York, and are doing wonderfully, considering. But some 200,000 remain in what are, essentially, camps, and may be until 2010. In these places, the folks have been separated from their spouses, are not allowed to cook for themselves, and are not allowed to leave the premises. You can read an account of one such camp here.

Do go on thought Booty.

"mayor nagin was the one with the ultimate responsibility who could have ordered the evacuation, which he did not do. he had a fleet of hundreds of bright yellow school buses he couldve used but chose not to? he didnt listen to the governments advice nor to local meteorologists to evacuate, but thought that a cat 5 hurricane would not flood "his" city. strangely enough he managed to get his "black ass" straight out of orleans leaving "his" people to the mercy of nature and the looters. Note: the USA is a collection of states, rather like mini countries, the president did not have the executive order to just go in a remove the people (white and black), who were pretty stupid to hang around in the first place whilst a cat 5 hurricane descended on them."

Well Booty, the Mayor did indeed order an evacuation, which those with the means, mainly white, were able to heed. Those without the means to pack up their houses and flee by car, those without cars, those unable to pay for gas (which had run out due to the scramble anyway), those in hospital, those on drugs, the old, the sick, they couldn't move, I am afraid. So those people were left to die, by the government. "Hang in there." That poor Mayor was doing all he could! "The national guard are on their way," he was promised, but of course that guard took over a week to show, while Bush continued to trot around the country making the case for continued war, and playing guitar in photoshoots.

It wasn't just that Bush didn't go in there and drag everybody out. It was that the people of New Orleans, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas, were left to die, for over a week. When the National Guard did show up, they surrounded these places, and refused to let the Red Cross or any provisions at all in, saying they wanted people to leave, and letting in supplies would draw people back.

No water for four days. International aid refused. FEMA denying aid, cutting phone lines. Bush on tour, Cheney on holiday. So, the streets filled with bodies, dropping like flies from the heat, from starvation, from exhaustion. Some, literally, exploded. Popped like over-ripe plums in the midday sun.

"do you know that it wasnt just new orleans that was destroyed?" asks Booty, sadly. "the whole costal areas known as the gulf coast was tragically hit, about the size and mass of the UK was destroyed, can you fathom that? or has the BBC told you what to think? how could one man, a president stop a cat 5 hurricane? evacuate millions of people in a few days."

Well, here's the thing, Booty. Everybody knew a hurricane, of horrorful magnitude, was going to hit the Gulf Coast. That was known three weeks prior. It was all over the weather channels, and even on the mainstream news channels, like CNN and Fox. Remember the US response to the Tsunami? Wasn't it incredible? In there like gangbusters, pow! And beside that, everybody knew those levies were, for want of a better word, rubbish. A report conducted in the sixties predicted the very eventuality that Katrina ushered in. The Bush administration actually took away money that was supposed to be paying for their repair in 2003, to pay for their war in Iraq. You can read a little about it here. Search about, there is a lot more. I haven't time to do your research for you right now, I am afraid.

"my advice," concludes Booty: "lay off the ganja, stop watching the BBC news for your daily propaganda and whilst you are in the USA, NYC, travel around a bit, speak to people that were actually in louisana before jumping to idiotic conclusions about genocide and concentration camps, throwing your magazines against the walls etc. next you'll be saying that the hurricane was created by republicans using some brand new weapons system."

Well, thanks for your advice Booty. As it is, I very rarely smoke weed these days, as I have too much to do. And I don't watch the BBC either. I don't own a TV! If you dig about my archives a bit, you'll find lots of testimony from people I've spoken to, all around America and the world, about these things of which I speak. I talk to all sorts of people, all the time. It's part of my job you see. And of all the people I have spoken to, who were in New Orleans when that shit went down, not one has a single good thing to say about the Bush Administration, or FEMA. Many have love for their Mayor. Anyway. I wrote a great deal about all this throughout September. All linked and referenced. Well, not all, sometimes, I like, emote. I am allowed. Have a nosey about. And, finally, I have run this before, but one more time:

"Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

My advice for you Booty? Read lots more. Start with this - it's short, and funny, you'll like it. It's a historical artifact from the time of the horror: "8 Tips On How To Avoid Dealing With The Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Obvious Racial Dimensions of the New Orleans Tragedy, As Taught To Me By Television And The Web In The Last Week"

Oh, and regarding your final point - whilst nobody would ever believe for three seconds that anybody would actually use weather modification technology on people, let alone "their people", we do know that, well, it exists, and a bill was passed last year making it completely legal for the US military to use it. You can read a little about it here, but I'd suggest you do your own research, and draw your own conclusions.

Peace be with you.

Oh! I nearly forgot. Good news. Mary emailed me the following:

"The religious hatred bill didn’t go through, tony lost by one vote and he couldn’t vote hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

Read all about it!