High Fidelity

Diolch am last night (diolch am meaning thank you for) pobl (pobl meaning, um, people), it was BOETH! Boeth meaning hot. Big up my Women, Martin whose keyboard I dislocated, Jeres who came straight from Serbia with a shave and a tan, Mary who was on some shockingly radiant form, Why Lout?, Morty... Y'all wuz ACE ON STICKS. Extra big up John Leigh on the visuals, this will be BAK like the otherside. And super big up all who came to see us, specially the dude who came all the way from Kent, sorry the night was craply scheduled and we waz on late so you had to miss half of it. And if I seemed confused and weird, its cos "idol" is a heavy word, and one is never quite sure what to do with it.

Zef has left me now and my house looks like someone robbed it. I am going to pop to see the terrapins then I'll come back and sort my life out. Artwork needs a doing, songs need a writing, recording, mixing, mixtapes need structuring, email needs answering, the laundry needs doing and the house needs nuking.