Help us to make this website BETA

Spotted a bug? Something not working as it should be? Think Akira should remove "Chas & Dave" from his influences?

Leave your issues, problems, quibbles or credit card details in the comment section below. I will update this with known problems and what we intend to do about it, along with what has since been sorted.

Peas, Zef & Akira


  • Scroll bar in Doncast section chat box is a bit buggy. Will eventually be improved
  • Related boxes show up even when there is no content. Due to be sorted
  • Some of the doncast posts need music player adding to them. Due to be sorted
  • I can't seem to get the videos to play with sound.
  • Some of the mixtapes are missing.
  • In IE the facebook like button is slightly cut off. Sadly this is a problem with Facebooks code, waiting to see if they rectify it.


  • Comments number now links to comments.
  • "If I am in a blob-blog post and click on the header where it says 'BLOB BLOG' in big white letters I get an error 404/page cannot be found page." FIXED
  • Accessories is now spelt correctly.
  • Auto search works correctly now.
  • The Sirens Of Titan Don Doodle now works.
  • Gallery navigation now works in IE.
  • Post share options are now constantly visible.

PS: If you are not using Chrome already, we highly suggest you start!