Help Me To Understand This World Of Brandage

So, one of the things I wanted to do wanted to do on my last album, before Interscope stopped the money, was make an animated video for every song on it. Oh that would have been grand! Now, this time around, there is a completely different landscape around me, but I still wanna make a video for every song on the new album. At least.

And how does one do that? Well, one either clones oneself, or one finds a gang of geniuses willing to do mad graft for dolo... Or, one getscompanies/brands to partner with oneself to finance the thing. They bask in the reflected glory, and the geniuses get beer money. All round win.

Problem is, a lot of brands are, putting it mildly, wild pantheons of evil swine. And a lot are wild pantheons of lovely swine. I found it very difficult, when asked to think of brands and companies I would happily align myself with, to think of more than a handful (Lego, Capcom, the people who make that yummy canned drink called Rio... um..). The fact that I pretty much stay indoors all day making songs/drawing/writing/answering emails/hoovering the floor has also limited my consciousness to the awareness of what's actually going on in the worlds of business and selling stuff.

And anyway, if its going to a good cause (making dope cartoons), does it matter where the money comes from? Is it possible to sell out anymore anyway?

Quite. Anyway. I'd appreciate your help on this. My lovely ladygirl, who has a keen markety brain, unlike my un-keen carpetty brain, has made a An Online Poll, in order to help me with this strange and tricky question.

It has ten questions in it, and shouldn't take you very long. Listen to a recording of Bill Hicks while you're doing it, if it helps. Thank you!

Oh, and we will select one entrant at random who will win a signed copy of Oh (What A Glorious Thing) on 7" vinyl, accompanied by a random doodle.