Dear You. So, I got whiskey in my phone which broke it. Somehow that has lead to all manner of oddness. But I shan't go into that now. I shall report that the Deal Real instore was not a long thing, and was, indeed, a short thing (although it took ages for us to go on so it was long in the old meaning of the word, poor Maryanne, late for an important date, etc.). Big up Bashy Start who came through and held it down for his boy That Don. Afterwards I went with Dr Luke to see old pal D D D D D D D D D D at Tatty Bogels, who played four songs with himself and a drum machine and appeared to be the missing link between Jane County and Billy Bragg, and invited me up to rap over some 7/4 craziness for the last song, which indeed did something big to the house, even though the roof never caved in like I thought it might. The following band, I cannot remember their name, but they were summery lushness in exelciss, and excited Jeres rather, as they were three of them Cornish.

Anyway. Let it be known that this Wednesday marks two, nay, three, giant occasions.

ONE: I shall be supporting my boyhood hero, Jimbob, of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, for his special Christmas show at the Islington Academy.

TWO: It shall be the last London show of 2005.

THREE: It is Luke's birthday. He will be 39.


Anyway, I must off, to prepare. Myself and Maryanne and Bashment will be on 6 Music tonight, doing a session for Mr Tom 2468Motorway Robinson! WOO HOO!

Anyway. That free song you Laverne botherers are waiting on will be with you very soon. I have had a cold, so I haven't recorded it, as I sounded breathless and silly, if a little sexy, bit I am off to have a crack at it now.

I shall take this opportunity to send all my love and best wishes to the Turners at this terrible time. I am deeply sad about your loss, because you are amazing. You are sad for different reasons, but your inherent amazingness is a part of that. Anyway. Peace and joy be thine, always.