He-Man and Morrissey.

I was fucking very happy thank you, after an tremedous rehearsal with my ace peoples for the gig tonight. The stuff is sounding goliath, Narstie and Solo and Bashy and Yung Wun came through with BOMBS, Wataru and The Jeremeys were brillaint, so too Lady Mary. Someone darked me out on the way back. "fame fame fatal fame," sang Stephen, correctly. Don't be in magazines, it will lead to weirdness.

I got home.

And I couldn't bear another night of darkness. So I tried to think of something happy from my childhood, and I thought of He-Man and Morrissey.

So here's to them. And to my Mam. And my Auntie Sheila. And my Nan. And my amazing Granddad Nink. And my Dad, who gave me all the music in the world.

And to Mary for this beautiful music that and gives my Godless heart a glimpse of something of great beauty that I will probably never understand.

I hope there is always music, and I think i know there will.

I don't know much about anything, but that is something I can be pretty sure of.

And it is a great comfort.