Happy When It Snows

Akira The Don VS CCHG – Happy When it Snows From ATD20 Jan 29th 2010.

I think might have been the most fun I've had drawing this comic strip so far. Thanks for the opportunity gang!

Happy When it Snows, then. Do any of you know who CCHG are? Because I do not! I came across this amazing piece of music perusing Vice Magazine's new flash player on their website. I was looking at flash players that morning, and happened upon Vice's. The second song I heard was Chinaman Pappa by CCHG - it was perfect. Southern styled 808 drums married to music that sounded like tragic Georgio Moroder dreamscapes. Descending chords. I put it on repeat, sat in my chair by the window, rolled myself a zoot, opened the window, and wrote the song there and then, as snowflakes drifted into the room and mingled with the smoke. It was magical.

So shout out whoever play-listed the Vice flash player, and shout out CCHG, whoever you are. Thank you for the music. Oh, and shout out Sun On The Sand, who had it on their lovely site earlier this week.

Rah then. NEWS.

As I type, Chilly Gonzales and Andrew W.K. are in New York being told what to do by a video recording of me.

And what am I telling them?

Here's a transcript of my message:

Hi Chilly. Hi Andrew. Hi people of New York. Yes it is true, I am British personality and Some Kind Of rapper Akira The Don. You might remember me from such epic piano battles as Chilly Gonzales VS Andrew WK, held in this very venue last September.

Yes, I judged that battle. And, to my eternal regret, I publicly declared Gonzales the victor.


Observe for yourselves.

Indeed. Now, myself and the International Piano Battle Judging Scholars For Truth have reviewed the videos and interviewed the principals, and it seems Gonzales , while he was not technically cheating, is not entitled to claim the throwing of a gold chain as a musical gesture – it was clearly intended to destabilize his opponent.

As such , the battle is declared null and void, and a a Piano Battle Rematch will be held in Europe this fall.

Moreover, until the rematch, any collaborations between Gonzales and Andrew WK must include Gonzales in the subservient role of piano accompanist and ONLY that.

Gonzo, you stole a moment of potential glory from Andrew in his hometown. By the power vested in me, I demand that, painful as it might be, you suppress your ego… and gave something back.

So there you go. Andrew and Gonzo performed three songs at Joe's Pub last night, with Gonz playing the subservient pianist to Andrew's heroic frontman. Meanwhile, The Rematch will happen somewhere in Europe, this coming Autumn.


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