HAPPY ROM-JUL everybody!

I have just got back to Don Studios after a fine afternoon hanging out with my lil brother and his lady and their infant child, followed by a fine night with my ole man and his lady. We stayed up till 2:35 watching seventies Top of The Pops repeats and drinking whiskey and cokes, chased down with a cheap Tesco Gaviscon knock off. It was most joyous.

Hey, guess what i got off my my ole man and his lady?! An Iron Man T-Shirt, and ARKHAM CITY. So amazing, This means ALL of my presents this year have been superhero themed.

I am now going to play a bit of Skyrim, then I am going to do a bit of work.

I do love this time of year so.

High five Endre who hipped me to the super useful ROM-JUL wordolgy in the comments of my In Between Christmas post, thusly:

you and your wife are gorgeous! I too love the rom-yule (actual norwegian word for xmas 1.5.. "rom-jul") and i spend it more or less the way you described :)  Kos!!

So there we have it. SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!


Hey, does anyone know here I can get any mushrooms?