Happy Pancake Day! Fuck The British Recording Industry Terrorist Squad!

Sometimes, when you look at Twitter and everyone's screaming about The British Recording Industry Twattery Shenanigans, you lose a little faith in mankind. After all, the The British Recording Industry supports SOPA and PIPA and ACTA, and therefore is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, and watching their televised propaganda drive, in which they tell YOU, the drooling public, what records are good and what artists you should be paying attention to, is tantamount to supporting said terrorism. Giving them your eyeballs, you are legitimizing their atrocities. You are helping them usher in their disgust prison planet world in which all art is state slash advertising founded and approved, and you go to jail for making a Madonna gif.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, like I was just saying, one can get a bit teary considering all this stuff, and fear for the soul of humaity... then you realize it's fucking PANCAKE DAY... a day in which humans celebrate the joy of existence by eating shitloads of fucking PANCAKES. And that is awesome. High five, humanity, you are far from lost.


Today was the first day of the hitherto unmentioned PolarDon sessions. World famous spoken word artist and Brummy PolarBear was in Don Studios, and we recorded TWO SONGS, which I can definitely confirm are AMAZING as I have just listened to them both ten times each.

Here are two photos from said sessions, taken from myself and Polar's twitter Feeds, as is the futuristic fashion.

Notice how my eyes have rolled up into the back of my skull with joy. Amazing.