don2 Yeyah!

Today is a good day!

Hope I have me a great year!

Sheeeeet, people, here we go, eh? Nothing bad can happen today! Hell, even the Israelis have taken a break from wiping out those damned Arabs, especially! Let's GEDDIT!

If you''re gonna watch the thing, I am told, via spam, that:

Thisis50 will be broadcasting the inauguration LIVE from Washington DC

Starts at 9am E.T, Tuesday 20th 2009

Don't miss History!


Shelf-stacking G Unit "member" Spider Loc has ganged up with Uncle Murda, Philly Blunts and Freeway to deliver a commemorative song for the occasion, featuring classic Murda lines like:

I know Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s proud He had a dream, see how things turned out We got a black president, black entrepreneurs, I know he pissed off at all the hustlers and the shooters We gotta eat shit, he don't understand, to him We the new version of the klu klux clan We kill each other for money just to cop them brevs Some do it to shine some do it just to feed their fam..."

Murda murda! I <3 Murda.

And that Jay-Z remix is gonna drop too. WE ARE SAVED!

Cheers Ali for the picture, by the way.