Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven!

Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven, gang!

How are you gonna mark this auspicious occasion? How about listening to the new R Kelly song on repeat all day? It is a work of genius, after all.

Me and the wife are celebrating by getting in the Silver Saab and aiming the beast in the direction of North Wales. We have the Alan Partridge autobiography and some Red Ices to listen to, so it will be a pleasant journey no doubt.

I am excited to be taking a break, and a a little sad, like always, as I am right in the middle of making lots of things. I am nearly done with the second Manga Music mixtape video. Here's a still from it, it's very colourful considering it was shot at night in Brixton.

I also started work on the next Akira The Don project this week. The Spirit Of Adventure - Joey2tits, Euro Jim form bangor, and myself - reconvened for the first time since Aim For The Brain to work on some - wait for it - CHRISTMAS MUSIC.


I am pretty excited, I gotta say. I've been wanting to make a Christmas record for many years. Now is the time. I can feel it. Oh, and look at that sweet T-Shirt Joey got me! How awesome is that? THANKS JOEY!

Heralding Christmas season will be the release of video one of The Life Equation Trilogy, Nothing Lasts Forever, which drops at the top of the month. Starring me and Envy, and directed by Dr Aaron Shrimpton, I saw the first edit yesterday and it bought tears to mine yes. It is a thing of great beauty, pathos, and wonder, and I can't wait for you to see it.

Speaking of Youtube (kinda), I just swung by my inbox, which I don't do all that often, and I got the following:

gamerfromtoday has sent you a message:

english military? To:akdonovan

hey akira i was looking alot about england and watching lots of bbc( doctorwho, being human, and bedlam) i wanted to visit england before i start college i wanted to see the sites maybe visit some friends and i had a question do u know know if the S.A.S is real and wat it requires to join

Well, there's a question I never considered I might be asked. And to answer your question brother Gamerfromtoday, the S.A.S. is indeed real, but I have no idea what is required to join. I believe one has to Dare, and as a consequence, Win. Can anyone out there help brother Gamerfromtoday? Personally, I wish you all the luck in the world with your quest, and when you come to England, why not make the trip left and check out Wales while you're at it? Go North. Shit looks just like Lord Of The Rings.

Oh, and guess who got a totally unexpected DM from The Based God yesterday after I poinbted out on twitter that he's the most influential rapper of the past year easy and his (and CLams Casino's) sound is all over Drake's Take Care?

This week is bless-ed.