Happy Birthday To The Zombiehamster!

Happy Birthday! EYYYY!

Our buddy Colin, AKA The Zombiehamster gone done got another year older today. DAMN!

So, for you, our buddy Colin, AKA The Zombiehamster, here's a picture of your creation Godzilla Boy bursting out of a cake.


Happy birthday to everybody else too. You're special.

So, anyone else that was in Hackney Wick yesterday will back me up on this, crazy as it sounds, but yesterday, right, I thought the frickin' work was ending, serious as funk, because, right, one minute it was all lush and sunny, and me and my boo were preparing a picnic to take to the park, then suddenly



That happened (yeah, I took that photo with my G1, daps!), the sky opened up, and a torrential downpour of fucking HUGE BLOCKS OF ICE came pouring down, and didn't stop for half an hour.

Seriously, it was nuts. Them shits were like rocks. Honest to God. Bouncing off the floor like ping pong balls they were. I have never seen anything like it.

Some other shit happened, but I can't remember now, that was just too much. What next, frogs?