Happy Birthday The Svenhunter

The-Hawk-Moth-Syndiacate3 That up there is a panel from the comic book my little brother's written that I am illustrating. It is taking ages because I don't really have any spare time, and drawings comics takes ages anyway.

Ah vey. One day we'll finish and it'll be ace. Maybe I'll be on tour soon and I can do it after soundchecks so as to stop myself drinking too much whiskey.

Too much whiskey is a bottle a day, which is what happened last time I went on tour, by the way.

So, guess what I was doing last night?

No, that wasn't it. Try again.

No, that neither. Chance would be a fine thing.


What it was, was I was attending a rehearsal for a pilot for a TV show what I have been cast in. Very strange indeed, me not being an actor or anything. I was headhunted for the role, as the people wot wrote it had me in mind when they wrote it. Or something. I shall take that as some kind of bachanded compliment. Either way, I was the only non actor in a room full of actors, which was kinda odd. I mean, you know actors. They do stuff. Actory stuff. Stuff the likes of you and I don't know ish about. Plus they instinctively know which way the audience is, and to face it accordingly. I kind of kept fucking that one up. Ah well. It'll be fine. I learn fast.