Happy Birthday Mike!

And anyone else who's birthday it might happen to be for that matter. Stop appologising for celebrating, Jesus. Every day marks the anniversary of some ugly event or other, this day is no more sad than any other. Every single second that goes by marks the deaths of multiple humans, needlessley, because of greed, and idiocy, and the general curse of humanity. Boom boom!

My left eyeball is a useless sack of blood and my right is pained from straining all day. Zef taught me Flash and I animated me and Jeres having a fight, it was pretty ill. The video is not finished yet, but it will be. I may have to postpone coming to London till Sunday, which means I will miss seeing my friend Souraya. Whose birthday it is. Happy birthday Souraya!

Anyway, I am exhausted from all this Flash and my eyeball strain. So I shall off. I reviewed the Goldie Lookin Chain album for PlayLouder today, if you're stuck for stuff to read.