Not only do we celebrate international Swells Day today, but we also celebrate the ongoing lifetimes of my little brother ALEXANDER, and my legendary UNCLE MAURICE, who were both born on this day in history.

That's them up there, swagging it out on one of their visits to Narnia.

Now, not only is Alexander celebrating a born day, he's also about to become a flipping FATHER, so i made him this lovely gift, to remind him of his responsibilities:

And not only is it Legendary Uncle Maurice's born day today, it is also the day he RETIRES! And this aint no normal everyday retirement either. No sir. See, Legendary Uncle Maurice has been with the same company HIS WHOLE WORKING LIFE. That's just shy of 45 years. AMAZING. So I would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate him on this incredible achivement, and wish him all the best in his new life of FROLICING IN ENCHANTED WOODS ON A UNICICORN.