Hail The Women

So, PlayLouder Singles Club October 2004... Akira The Don and The Women: Amazing.

Tokyo Dragons: Boring.

The Beat Up: Dictionary Definition AWESOME.

That, it would appear, is what happens when you get locked ina studio with Kevin Sheilds for two years or whatever. I stood right by the speakers and got my ears shredded. They sounded like Nirvana covering Tom Waits.

The Women, with but three hours rehearsal or something (half an hour on that drinking Song), KICKED ASS. I've had lots of emails today enquiring as to their identities, and can reveal that those bearing stringed instruments were Jeremy, Jeremy and Wataru from Piranha Deathray. The other two were Birddogg and Andy from Bath.

Anyway, Sophie and Soraya took some photos, and you can cop them in the gigs section.

You ever hear about Skull And Bones? You know Hugh Hefner, John Kerry, and George W Bush are cousins? The "Cremation Of Care"? Bohemian Grove? Watch this, it's pretty freakish and gross.

Like Sage says, Republocrat Democran, two party system. It's true. But. Kerry won't be banning abortions. There is still a difference.

Oh, and don't forget about Bush' Nazi grandfather. Or that poor Reuters photographer shot by the military after he found a mass grave.