the-don Word up my people equals. Today I will be highlighting passages in my blog for effect. GO!

So. I cycled 14 miles today, and I am still high off of it. If you're ever in London, grab a bicycle, and locate The Green Ways - these are barren grassy highways that tear through the capital like scars, away from cars, adorned with acres of graffiti. On a good day you can ride for seven miles at top speed, if the wind is behind you, with barely a scattering of slow-down-spots. Today was one of those days. On the way back, anyway. It was awesome.

I passed a gang of young men in florescent yellow jackets, pretending to be authorised to spray huge cartoon murals on the walls. I saluted them, as one might a magpie.

Then I did my monthly audio blog for Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales show. Then I drew people jumping out of a toilet for a new movie's website. I am now officially a working illustator. BLAOW!


I discovered Alestorm!

For which I must thank my little brother Zef.

I announced the fact on Twitter. "The Pirate Pogues," responded Ey La Martin carr. "Arrr, pieces of great!"

Which pretty much sums it up.

In other news, I have gotten some Respect from My Peers! Well, a peer, as someone pointed out in the comments, Dr Dan Le Sac has written some charming factual things about me on his blog. Forsooth:

Akira the Don first popped back into my head maybe 18 months ago when he dropped the “Stunners 130″ mixtape, including a dirty bootie of Pip/Knifehandchop/Nirvana, although the track is great the best thing about it isn’t that Pip and I are on it, its ATD’s flow that makes it, his voice is somehow monotone but melodic, lazy yet empowered.

A few years ago while I was stuck sucking the corporate cock that is HMV, the hype monster picked up ATD and ran with him, for a minute all the sweaty children of record retail expected ATD to boom, the AAA EP was a decidedly a pain in the arse to get hold of , but as usual with this filthy little industy of ours he didn’t boom, the hype monster got it wrong. Thankfully there is no giving in for ATD, being signed and dropped just gives him another line for another song and I firmly believe quality in the world will always win out, eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way suggesting that ATD’s 2006 debut long player “When We Were Young” was a failure, I’m fairly sure that he’ll have sold more records than Pip & I, but if we were playing UK Hip Hop Top Trump’s then his card should be as monsterously unbeatable as Dizzee Rascal’s or Lethal Bizzle’s, in fact isn’t ATD responsible for Bizzle’s transformation from street urchin garage star to middle class indie boys dirty little sercet? ATD providing production duties the BZA’s “Police On My Back” and “Babylon’s Burning the Ghetto”. Although V2 are really to blame/thank.

So anyway I’ll stop rambling, a couple of days ago i saw the MusicLikeDirt top 200, you might know MLD by the fact that it was the very first place you could download Thou Shalt Always Kill nearly 4 months before release and 3 weeks after we finished writing it, again anyway what do you think was top? Only the man ATD with a double dope remix of Chily Gonzales, it is spunky for want of a better word, ATD’s content and flow just stands shoulders above his peers. The lad is honest and fills the track with mundanity (which isn’t a word btw) to commentary, and to be honest it just made me smile.



Rahdo. These are very wise words indeed. Much respect to Dr Le Sac. One word: Collab!

Right, I am off to draw/watch Smallville/try and get those emails out of that XL file and send you an MP3.