We're in Oxford. We know we're in Oxford, as the Travelodge has a Waitrose. We also know we're in Oxford, as we saw loads of awesome people, like this awesome old dude with tight ass trousers with a keychain and cowboy boots and shit, strutting about downtown:

And this crazed unicyclist, last seen thrusting out into two lanes of busy roundabout, like a lunatic.

Right now we're  working/relaxing in the Starbuck next to the Travelodge with massive goblets of caffeine, readying ourselves spiritually and mentally for tonight, as we are doing TWO shows - one live set at the 02 Academy in oxford, followed by a DJ set at the after-party at Baby Simple. Free entry if you were at the gig! Super cheap otherwise! Me and Jack are gonna play Uncle Murder records for an hour. Maybe some Nate Dogg. Actually, if you have any requests, leave them in the comments.


Oh, PS! Here's a trailer for the interview I did with Danny Robbins and Uppror last month, that's coming out toon. it looks awesome, I am well impressed.