Gwenny State Building

Wow, my folks are BUSY! My skinny old rake of a pal DDD has a single out this week. It is pritty rah. Spiky rah. Piranha Deathray have a single out. It is gloriful. Kim Wilde gloriful. Mothboy's LP is on the horizon. You can check some of the art, the tracklisting, and some clips (including one of the joint with me on it) here. And my Why Lout? peoples Marv and Jack Nimble are on tour. Jack tells me they're having lots of fun, and listening to Freeway a lot. I shall copy them now, then, when this Rick James LP is done.

Speaking of tours, I am going on one in November. I need a DJ though, I think. Any ideas?

Anyway. Before we announce that, we shall announce the launch party for When We Were Young. It happens on the day of the LP's release in London, at a nice new place in central LDN called The Fly. Expect special guests, me DJing too much, ETC! Yee-haw. RUH!

In other news, I didn't mention I did a song with Madison the other day, did I? When I first met her she was a pretty undefinable sort of stadium rock prophet in a pink ballet dress, and she made me go WAH WAH WAH when I saw her play her songs about being human and not letting the swine ruin it for you, so infused was her performance with like, actual emotion (rare indeed amongst pop scum in that weird year of Our Lord, AD 2005). Now's she's switched her shit up even higher, and appears to be, like, rapping. Go check out out her new flavour, it is Dee Oh Pee Ee. Look out for a remix on my next mixtape.

So, my mam thinks everyone should do this. I think the idea is, everyone in the world writes a blog, and the British Library will save it for prosperity, so future generations can see how freaking boring we all were in 2006. Haha. I hope they print it out and bury it in a big metal box and stuff, cos harddrives won't be much use in the post apocalyptic wasteland.

Anyway. I am still in New York, and I am running out of time, and my eyeball is trying to murder me. I am recording songs with James Brown tomorrow. That is exciting, but I have only written four, and I need to write more. We went up the Empire State the other night, but that wasn't very exciting. The interior decor seems to have been in place since the late sixties, and the whole thing felt like a touristy-Shining. I especially objected to being forced to being dragged out of a lift just to be photographed. Fascism! Plus most of the time in there was spent queing. GWENNY. Plus it was freezing, and blowing cold breezes up the PPF's pretty red dress, so we didn't hang around too long.

Ho ho, eh? Afterwards though, we ate fine steak in a restaurant. That was lush. We culdn't eat it all, so we took the rest home in a nice draw-string bag, and I am eating it for my lunch now. G-ed up!

Oh, I discovered I have some kind of an allergy to popcorn as well. That sucks, I love popcorn!

Still. Word to you and your mother. PEACE.