I went out last night. Serious! FIrst time in, um, time. I have been out to anything non-work related. We were out till 2am! Jesus!

We went to a nice Karaeoke bar down Stoke Newington High Street with our neighbour Gay Rory and his hot friend Kate. Gay Rory did an excellent Funky Cold Medina, which was ended prematurely by the mocking host, later to be found belting out a passable Bon Jovi number. Wade blessed us with a tuneless Ring Of Fire, and Jeremy brought the house down with an impassioned... something. What was it? Hmm.

Kate and I didn't get to do Love Will Tear Us Apart and Together In Electric Dreams though, cos time ran out. It was all those bloody children doing en-masse versions of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, I reckon.

So, that interview I did with Sage Francis is up on PlayLouder. It is quite long.