Guess Who's Home?

notdeadpictures 12 I never told you did I?

I kind of wanted to surprise you with a song, but probation officers keep getting in the way.



Music soon.

So, A-Ha were lovely. Look out for the footage next week. Oh, and look out for an Akira The Don song with Morten singing on it. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The increment continues. I was quoted in New Statesman this week, likening Lonely Blair to a vampire. That's bigtime.

Oh, and the Akira The Don shoe 2nd tier prototypes turned up yestreday, and they are DOPE! So the proper ones are being made up now, and will be ready in a few days.


Mayne! Seems like everybody has something to say about The Mercury Music Prize Nominations.

"LOAD OF DICK WAH!" said Twitter In General.

"Mercury Prize has consistently snubbed ALL FOUR of my albums. why? is it my face? my sex? my fucking queer agenda?" said Patrick Wolf.

"What queer agenda?" said the part of the world that noticed.

Me? I don't got nada to say, bebbeh. Except - I'm taking that thing next year.

And you're gonna help me.


And don't go leaving no moany ish about albatrosses in the comments. I got enough of those things and I wear them well. I wanna go up on that Mercury Thingy podium with Stephen Hague and claim our prize. Cos we got the LP of the year, whatever year it is.

And yeah, I know you're like, well, when the fuck are we gonna be able to hear this magnum opus, you tosser? I thought you said Summer?

True story.

But that was before I went, "hang on, I can't put this album out the same way I did the last one." That was before I figured I needed to finish what I started with when I launched in 2004, and put out ATD1. Before I decided to part ways with my record label, and my manger, and so on and so forth.  Shout outs to them. We will be working together again, in some capacity or other. I'm still down with SiC, and will be remixing and working with their excellent artists, like Air France and Bent Knifes. But a new way was needed, for new life.

Even if that means I have to do my own VAT returns.

So, yeah. Me and my famille, we're putting together a new plan, and a new way, in order to put this record out in the best way we possibly can, and for it to reach its potential. It's gonna be hard!

I might need your help.