Guess which celebrated emcee made his LONG AWAITED mike comeback in Don Studios tonight?

Click up there and FIND OUT!

Get excited!



OK. We are playing in Ye Olde London Town tonight with Ye Olde Holloways at Ye Olde Barflizzle. We shall play for eight hours. It will be broadcast on XFM. 9pm. Tune in, I will tell you jokes cos I am THE FUNNYMAN.

Prior to that I shall be recording the intro to Lethal B's new LP. That will be fun. He wants it to sound like "a football stadium chanting my name". He would. He is a man of vision. Speaking of which, dude keeps trying to steal my sunglasses you know. I shall have to hide them.

Oh, here's a funny:

Russian authorities pulled hundreds of opposition activists off buses and trains and detained them along with scores of others on Saturday ahead of a rare anti-government rally in Moscow, organizers said.

And my American friends? Prepare To Get (more) Tazered!

Oh brave new world!