Guess The Intro / Ts back In

omega-t-shirt-design550 One of the problems with my increasingly crazy schedule is that I don't seem to be able to find the time to make old-style super-mixed mixtapes any more. And I haven't done a podcast for ages either. I SUCK! Sorry about that. My Google Calendar is a mad thing. And the rent is due. And late.

Indeed, it seems the only times I do crzy mix things these days is when people pay me. Which is how I ended up doing a three minute mix of famous intros for the Popbitch Pub Quiz recently. I got 50 quid! And spent a couple of hours mixing together famous intros. Which was fun. Check it out! Guess them all and win the respect of your peers!

Akira The Don's Popbitch Guess The intro Thing!

In other news, NEW OMEGA SANCTION TEES FINALLY ARRIVED! So if you ordered one, and haven't got it yet, it should be with you tomorrow. Unless you live in America or somewhere, wherein it shall take a little longer to romantically cross the oceans. And if you haven't got one yet, then you better get in quick, that's all I'm saying. Check out some REAL PEOPLE zombies modeling theirs in the real world up here.

Omega Sanction CD + T-Shirt = £14.99


Omega Sanction T-Shirt = £12.99