So, I've been reading about the new GTA, which is totally exciting. It's set in LA in the early nineties, and you play this guy to the right, and ride around on a bicycle listening to Dre and shooting people, basically. So, you can swim in this one. And you have to eat and shit, and if you eat too much and don't exercise you get fat. And you can shoot two guns at once. And Get haircuts and tattoos. And the random characters actually have lives, you can follow them around as they go to work and lunch and stuff.

It's out in October, which'll give me something to do when I'm taking wee breaks from making my album, and discourage me from going out and being tempted into a life of vice. Whoo!

Ah, morally reprehensible vicarious thrills.

Speaking of which… George Bush and his people are more insane than I thought. Their new campaign ad features the strangest language I've heard from them yet.

"I can't imagine the great agony of a mom or a dad having to make the decision about which child to pick up first on September 11th"


And check the "bring AN enemy to justice" shit. These freaks really are using 1984 as a fuckin' manual! They are Weird!

And what happens when the going gets Weird?

Well, they it used to be that the weird would turn pro, no?

Now the tables have turned so dramatically it is hard to tell. Cue up hours of Ice Cube, Skinnyman and Jehst playlists, I guess.