You know you're back in England when the first thing you see is a giant billboard bearing Robbie "Who?" Williams' face leering down at you. And so it goes. I am back here, and have been putting my house in order, which is obscenely expensive and irritating, but aside from that nonsense stuff is good. I have seen a great deal of my peoples, in a social and an intimate fashion, which is good for the soul (Chandra showed me her and Erol's wedding photos! Erol showed me his synths! Luke showed me noise! Jeres showed me his naked ass! Soraya showed patience! Etc.!), and I have done some laundry, which is good for the skin. Today is the hottest day on October record, I am told, so truly, the sun has been following me about now for a good five months or so. I am a blessed child.

Today I am meeting with all the people who are working on my new single, which should be interesting, and feed my myopic, despotic little nature. I am going to see my wee bro tonight to finish the CLONES animation as well. It is looking amazing!

So, last night Luke took me t Paul Rezzers' new clubbyband night at Catch to see entirely awesome The Unnamed Musial Project, (I think that's what they're called), which was ill, and I ran into all of Ikara Colt! United! In a room! With whiskey! It was very sweet. We are all a lot bigger than we were last time we were all together, in that bus, all those years ago. Claire and Jon Ball have a new band which is very exciting and we are going to make some noises together next week. Finally!

Oh, the picture above is from that Motorola party in New York last week, where Gay Rory blew the speakers and me and Spiky took credit for fixing them. See, I am evidently hilarious.

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Back to normal updating frequency as of now. PEACE!

PS - Big up Steve Lamaq, who played CLONES on his Radio 1 show on Monday night. £40! I'm a buy me a rabbit!