Greetings from Frisco Bay!

Well, I did it. 24 hours after leaving London following 2 hours sleep and the release of Unkillable Thunderchrist I was settling into my hotel on Columbus Avenue feeling like a cotdurned CHAMPION. What a day I'd had! Ten hour on a plane sat between two female jetsetters, discussing pop up shops and racing and watching Game Of Thrones. Two hours queuing at immigration, ater which I was met at the airport reception by a wonderful human called Andrew, AKA The Dreadlocked Predator, who proceeded to drive me around all day showing me the sighs of the beautiful BAY, because he loves my music (ever since Living In The Future!) and is a TURBO G.

He also took me to In N Out Burger, which was a near religious experience. I got the off-menu ANIMAL STYLE Double Double burger with ANIMAL STYLE fries, which means loads of copped up onions and cheese and special sauce. AMAZING. They put the fries out back from REAL POTATOES, that place is amazing. You get slices of  lemon in your unlimited refill soda. GODDAMN Americans do fast food amazingly.

Today I am gonna wander around and look for advnture, and tomorrow I am gonna be recording with Issue ALL DAY LONG... whihc is very exciting. So fold tight. And if you haven't yet, go cop that UNKILLABLE THUNDERCHRIST! Sonic Shocks just dropped a review, saying nice shit like:

"Akira The Don may be one of the most prolific hip-hop artists going in this internet age... right from the offset we remember why Akira can call himself The Don, as he raps with a feeling of social consciousness... This is nicely settled within the first three tracks of D.R.E.A.M (Debt Rules Everything Around Me) and the brilliantly sampled Lemmings and Weird And Creepy (sampling Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s reaction to Mitt Romney’s speech after Newt Gingrich dropped out of the Republican Candidate race)... Envy brings a lot of emotion throughout her appearances: anger on Fuck You Pay Me and sadness on the haunting Give Me Something, while Time crafts a fitting tribute with Akira to MCA on Too Sweet To Be Sour.
If you don’t know Akira this is a good starting point, hell the man manages to do a cover of THAT Beiber song and make it listenable."