Got To Get

Man, this mixtape is ass. Aint nobody can diss anymore. 'Specially "Killa" Cam, who doth suck heavy, and got made to look silly by one of Jay's loosest verses in time (look, I think it's ace, 'specially the "fucking BAWS" bit, but it is blatantly loose). Going at Jay right now is pointless - he is a popular president. People need to wait a while, really. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Ghost are all doing lovely. And Mef, you mad old fonkist, what you doing talking about sandals being feminine on that ass new joint of yours? Zee is your BAWS, boss! You will get MURKED, boardroom style, like Styles P (yet another dude waiting on the Interscope bench), Won't catch me going out like that. I make moves all day. Hold tight for some relatively major news regarding the Don. I will talk in the third person all I like, shut up. Hey, I kept a food drink and smoke diary last week. Check it out:

Weds: Buttered baguette, three eggs (scrambled), corned beef sandwich, bottle of Aroma natural spring water, can of tropical Rio.

Thurs: French stick with peanut butter, butter and corned beef. Small bottle of Evian. Can of Ribena.

Fri: Two baguette sandwitches with butter, cheese and salami. Shared a packet of Pringles, 10 bag of weed, bottle of Aroma natural spring water, Cadbury's Whole Nut, Pepsi.

Saturday: Whisky and Coke (they didn't have no ginger) X 2. French toast, bacon (x 2), sausage, 2 eggs, hash brown, small bottle of Minton pure spring water. Couple of spliffs. Can of Kronembourgh.

Sunday: Baguette with butter, cheese, salami. Bottle of V8 vegetable juice. Third of a Mars Bar, 5 bag of weed, bottle of Aroma, can Pepsi.

Monday: Baguette with butter, 3 scrambled eggs, bowl of Honeynut Cheeryos cereal, sandwitch, two bags of popcorn (shared), Pringles (shared), can of Ribena, bottle of Aroma.

Tuesday: Baguette with butter, peanut butter, corned beef. Whiskey and ginger, third of a bottle of Jack with Pepsi, bottle of Aroma, Honeynut Cheeryos, bottle V8 vegetable juice.

See! shut up! I ain't SO bad. I mean, that was a pretty domestic week. And I probably missed some major food groups there. Sh-eeet.

Yo, I really, really, really want this.