Gordon Brown Nose And A Whole Mess Of Fuckery

So, last night I was looking through comics to see what to get tattooed on my arm for my birthday. Possibly. And a certain someone in the kitchen squealed with outrage and turned up Radio 4, and lo I did hear Gordon Brown Nose's dulcet, Anglified tones saying something about how the world owes George Bush a huge debt for getting rid of so many terrorists or something. I guess yesterday was opposites day. Baby Bush said something really funny about "spreading liberty and freedom". I was rolling in my isle. Spread some o' that shit my way Gee Dubbs! The Poles may have smashed up my pavement, but they're MAKING A NEW ONE! PLUS no one shot at me today! Someone sort that shit out! Anyway, UK news made a big deal of Gordon Brown Nose's visit to Americaland, where he stuck his cold grey tongue right up Baby Bush's gaping bunghole, before doing similar with The 3 In Waiting. US news? Not so much. They were more interested in The Baby Jesus' chosen Dark Lord, puff-of-smoke-appointed head of the One True Faith, my pal and yours: THE NAZI POPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Stewart: "I thought the media was controlled by Jews!"


Meanwhile, those pesky Chinese, not content with murking civilians, bloggers and perfectly nice Falum Gong practitioners on a daily basis, let alone fucking MONKS, have sent a great big boat full of guns and whatnot to that nice man Bob Mugabe. Wonder what he's gonna do with them?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And people ask me why I don't write about "world affairs" so much at the moment!