Good Times At Don Studios IV

Hello, good evening, and welcome!

My name is Akira The Don. I am also known as Adam Anunnaki, of The Adamu. I am what the Italians call "creativo". I was sent here by the starchildren to create feelings of joy and wonder and freedom. My favourite condiment right now is Nando's Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce. My favourite producer today is DJ Burn One. I love my woman, my family, my friends, and my people. I have John Cooper Clarke's immortal Chickentown framed on my wall. There are four glasses, a mug, and a plate on my desk. I have lived in London for two thirds of the time I lived in Wales. I can still speak a little Welsh.

This week, amongst many things, me and my friends accidentally started a new mixtape.

And damn, this accidental mixtape sure is coming together nicely.

The day before yesterday I was blessed with the preence of Pixel, Marvin The Martian AND Littles in Don Studios IV, who were lacing a couple of my exquisite productions with vocal glory. Here's a nice set of cause and effect flicks I took with my schmexy Z Phone:

I can reveal that the first joint will drop next week. Actually, if Narstie sticks to his promise and gets over here at 11 am tomorrow morning to finish his bits, you'll have it tomorrow afternoon. FINGERS CROSSED! It's a big one! Raps of thunder! Drums of death! Protect your necks, ladies and Gs, they might get to snapping!

Here's some more flicks, courtesy of Pixel. Pixel just bought himslef a fisheye lens off of the internet, that's gonna be well fun.

So, last night Jeres and I hosted our lil pop quiz at Pub On The Park in London fields. We had the room upstairs all to ourselves, it was ever so cosy. Two open fires! Christmas lights! Friends! Drinks, alcoholic and not so much! I played records that I like (Waren Zevon, Yelawolf, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Lil B, Chilly Gonzales, Tra Tha Truth, Aphex Twin, Adam And The Ants, etc), and Jeres blossomed as a quizmaster. I did a round also, which was fiendishly difficult, and featured lots of audio. I dubbed it The Kenneth Tong Dont Feed The Trolls Round, and themed the questions accordingly.

We might be doing it again next month. February 9th is the provisional date, so keep that free if you fancy a merry night of pop quizzage.

Right then. I am off to the Postie's to send out the first wave of ATD1 shirts. Keep those fingers crossed for Narstie's safe arrival tomorrow!