GOOD NEWS for 50 Cent! From Playlouder:

The mother of 50 Cent's angelic little cherub, AKA male child, has LOST her GREEDY battle to STEAL all of his MONEY ($$$$$$). She just gets A BIT. Relatively.

The woman, one Shaniqua Tomkins recently decided that getting $20,000 a month "child support" was inadequate, so she took him to court demanding $50,000. Prolly cos she heard about that Vitamin water payout. Or that song where he said "have a baby by me baby/ be a millionaire / I write the check before the baby comes/ who the fuck cares?"

The courts said he had to pay her $25,000 while the trial did its thing. Crazy!

Anyway. The greedy broad FAILED to extort 50 C for 50 gs, and a ruling was handed down saying her payments were to be CUT to $6,700 a month! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! She is pissed you know. Things is, that is a lot of money, especially in America, which is practically a third world country these days.

I mean. That's like, almost as much as a doctor gets.

"My client and I are very happy with the ruling," said 50's lawyer, Brett Kimmel, who is going to having a LOT of rappers calling him this week, I bet you 50 gs.

BAD NEWS for you and I!

From my CD pressing people:

"We are looking to ship on Tuesday for a Thursday delivery, there were some printing hold ups but we are now sorted. I hope that this is ok with you."

Waste! I'm a try hurry them up. Or get a car on Tuesday and go pick them up myself or something.

Hey! Mary Turner, who is featured quite a bit on Thieving, is previewing a couple of her-featuring tracks over on her MySpace. Check them out.

When you've done that, watch this highly entertaining interview with my man of the moment, Rick Ross. Weed smokers! Check his tips for evading airport security and them fuckin' beagles!