Good Morning, I Have Woken From My Mighty Slumber

Well, I did it. That mixtape I was doing that had to be in at 9:30am. I did it. I then had to stay up till lunchtime sussing out the new digital way of getting it to the pressing plant, which I have now done and am thus equipped for the future. Then I fell asleep for a Long Ass Time. 32 hours sat staring at a screen with music looping continuously will do that to a man.

Pow! Joy to the future, as Big Narstie says on the celebrated Living In The Future 2.5. You should cop that if you haven't already, and if dollars have been cock blocking your hi-fi, you can get a medium quality free download here, as inspired by Saam Das from Faded Glamour, who suggested I might be something of a Hypocrite for talking about torrenting TV shows on a song I'm charging money for. Word bond, but dudes gotta eat out here son. It aint like this is some evenings and weekends hobby. This is what I do. Plus I got a wedding to pay for.  You know how much it costs to feed 150 people? Sheeeee-it! I'd give them ramen, but the very suggestion filled my baby's eyes with enough water to sink Wales, so I dropped it.

Not that that explains or excuses my torrenting of television shows. I would get into that, but I have to be at soundcheck for this Manga party in an hour or so, and I have to clean the bathroom first, as the Betrothed's mother is coming down to rehearse flower-buying. There's a lot of crazy stuff that goes into getting married, I am discovering. Speaking of which, I need to finish my invites. And that wedding list. What should a person put on a wedding list anyway? What does the contemporary couple need for The Future? All I can think of right now is iodine tablets. How does one guard against military level e.coli? We were thinking moving to Germany and everything. Still are actually. It seems a man can live well in Berlin, for less than it costs to for a weekly shop here in Neo Olumpia. AND they're shutting own their Nuke Plants. Good call, having those around these days is like having mines in shopping malls, or C.O.'s putting gatling guns in prison lunchrooms. Forsooth!