Good Luck, Ballerina P.

A moment of silence for Mobb Deep's Prodigy, if we may.


Back to business.

911? What?

"That Mohammed Atta dressed like a Mafioso, had a stripper girlfriend, smuggled drugs, was already a licensed pilot when he entered the US, enjoyed pork chops, drank to excess and did cocaine, was closer to Europeans than Arabs in Florida, and included the names of defence contractors on his email list, proves how dangerous the radical fundamentalist Muslim can be." From the three years old, but, crazily, still relevant Coincidence Theorist's Guide To 911.

And Al*x J**es?

Well, he supports Ron Paul. Who is a racist. He is pro-life, and pro-gun. He shouts a lot.

Listen to the amplified voices of New Truth and pay attention to where they've pitched their tent," writes Jeff Wells. "If you're not already there yourself by conscious choice, it may surprise you. They'll tell you that "Left" and "Right" are fictions woven by the same enslavers, and then launch into uncompromising, nativist rants against foreigners (the Mexicans are coming), denial of environmental crises (an affront to property rights and individualism), internationalism (paranoid fear of the "blue helmet"), taxation and gun control. And listen attentively to some others, influential yet off the main stage, and you'll hear Larouchian tropes, "Patriot" and militia jargon, coded speech about "international bankers" and the necessities of historical "revision." ("Suspecting what the Israeli/Palistine conflict is really about," posts "Killtown", "the strong evidence Israel was involved with 9/11, and seeing how 9/11 was faked in general, it makes me wonder how much of the Holocaust was true or not.... WingTV seems to think the Holocaust was a major hoax like 9/11 was along with Judicial-Inc.")

In 2007, the largest tent for "9/11 Truth" in America is led and dominated by conservatives, far-right "Patriots" and Libertarians. So naturally it follows the choice for President is not Kucinich, who would "take our guns" and do something righteous with federal power instead of abolish it, but Ron Paul, even though his position on 9/11 is better described as blowback than "inside job." ("I believe very sincerely that the CIA is correct when they teach and talk about blowback," said Paul.)

Dark shit, then.

But if nothing else, Steroid Bill Hicks Al*x Jo*es has done a tremendous job of reminding American people what lies behind the the cloak of their media. Of course, they must then ask themselves what lies behind Mister J*nes.

Ya diiig?