I am sat on a nice leather seat in the luxurious and futuristic confines of the San Francisco International airport, about to fly to LA. I am tired, hungover, and full of a great joy and wonder and thankfulness. I have had a amazing 5 days here in San Fran. I knew nothing in the way of detail about this trip, had no hotels booked, no studio booked, no dates or times or film crew... I just knew I was going to, somehow, make a record and a video with Issue, Spread Joy, and have some experiences... and that's exactly what happened - in a fashion bigger, better and greater than even I had dared hope.

Thank you SO MUCH to all the wonderful people who showed me such a joyous and excellent time and helped me have some of my greatest adventures.

(I tell you about some of them when I get a bit of time. Like the one about saving a girl's life when she collapsed during the eclipse.)

That pic up there was taken at Isoptope comics today, by the way, where Issue and I were filming the WORLD'S FINEST video, and doing an interview. I have a snapback tan line. Life is ace.

Issue tweeted these just now, which confirms that my Joy Mission is working, and that is a beautiful thing.


Here's some photos from the past few days adventures.