Rah, I KNOW you kneed more Mothboy in your life, cos you keep telling me. So, if you wanna hear the origins of the evil genius behind everyone's favourite sex 'n' surveilance slow jam I See Cities, download his retrospective, Anomalies (Aelected Demos & Outtakes 1998 - 2004) now. And read all about it here.

So, I've been in for a week writing my new album (last night's joint, We Are Not Alone is gonna be one of the most important records of 2007), but tonight Jeres is taking me out to see my favourite band, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line disaster at Stables Market in Camden. Come down and celebrate with us!

By the way, Mika, I think, is ace. Well, that Grace Kelly tune is. Sounds like Sparks. And Queen. And Billy Joel. And one of my new songs, oddly. A GOOD THING!

OK, scrub that, I just listened to his Billy Brown joint. Best song I heard in a month.