Gonzales - Working Together (Akira The Don Remix)

So, I heard that Gonz tune last night, and I got all excited, and spent all day making a remix of it. I had so much fun! It was almost perverse how much fun I had. It's a vocal and musical remix. I spent ages on it, the drums are very intricate and the raps are ace. You can listen to it NOW!

Download it in 190kbps here, and at 320 here.

In other news, I got a really nice stereo for the kitchen, a fishbowl, and a proper architect's drawing board, all off of Freecycle! I've wanted a drawing board all my life! I can make comics properly now! It is so sweet! Weird thing is it was, like, 100 meters away from me, in a warehouse by my local corner shop. Thank you people, for the stuff. Our kitchen is a nice place to be in now, and I can't wait to get my fishes!

By the way, that's me and Gonz in 2004. You can't tell from our awesome composure, but we'd just smoked two spliffs and spent a good two hours or so talking about The Wu. Good times!